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Choose from traditional hinged,  sliding or folding

Doors can make a statement about you and your home. Front doors, being a focal point, can dramatically enhance the appearance of your home. From the beauty of natural hardwoods, PVCu and aluminium, to the increasingly popular ‘composite’ construction.  Quality doors will save on energy and money


Double glazed doors could offer you:

  Energy savings -

          reduce your carbon footprint and save on your bills

•    Banish drafts -

          badly fitted doors will let the cold in and make you uncomfortable

•    Reduce noise -

          well fitted doors will reduce the amount of noise pollution getting in to your house

•   Reduce condensation -

          energy efficient doors will help stop the damage caused by condensation

•   High security multipoint locking -

         improves the security of your home.

You can choose from a range of materials

including natural hardwoods, uPVC or aluminium.

We also provide composite construction doors.

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  From front doors to sliding doors,

many styles available:

•Panel doors

•Framed Ledge and Brace doors

•Glass doors    

•Stable doors

•French doors  

•Bi-Fold Doors

•Sliding doors

•Painted or stained

Bi-fold doors for your home

Bi-fold doors are the latest, stylish alternative to French doors or patio doors.

They can be fitted to conservatories, patios, roof gardens, balconies or even extensions.

Revolutionary Bi-folding doors fold into a number of separate leaves to provide a complete clear opening.

Up to seven leaves can be installed, all of which fold flat on either side of the opening.

There are 10 different opening options, with or without the choice of a master.  

Bi-folding doors can be used to match existing windows and doors to provide an improved appearance to your home, transforming the relationship between the interior and exterior of your home by making additional space available in moments.

Operation is simplicity itself, with one master leaf and a combination of slave leafs, all traveling smoothly on 4-wheeled runners.

When opened, the real benefits of the doors can be appreciated. The doors ‘concertina’ back on themselves providing a real sense of bringing the outdoors indoors – perfect for relaxing on lazy summer days or balmy summer nights!

Bi-fold doors are available in a range of materials:

 uPVC            -  does not rot, requires a minimum of maintenance and will not                                suffer in extremes of weather temperature.

 Hardwood    -  West African Sapele mahogany, a strong and richly coloured                          timber.   It is sourced from sustainable, eco-friendly timber farms.

 Softwood     -  European redwood timber. The softwood is sourced from the upper                         gulf of Europe, where trees grow much more slowly in cold weather,                         resulting in higher quality soft wood.

Bi-folding doors are available with full double glazing to ensure that your new doors are energy efficient.

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